Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 23

Lynch’s Journal #138

As I come to, Lithia has discovered much about the creature. For one, it is not Tuskgutter. Much like the orc abomination we battled at the Bringers of Woe compound, this thing is stitched together with human parts. A clear sign that Doctor Slukx still created it.

Both the brute and the burlap sack radiate necromancy, tying it to the power of death. The magic of the sack gives off a fear affect which Princess Frost believes caused the folk of Diamond Lagoon to flee from it instead of defending themselves. What was odd is the lake itself is tainted by the magic. Surely Slukx could not be the cause of all this.

Then Balasar rolls over the corpse to point out the brand on the upper back. It is comprised of a skull and rod. I recall seeing it in the books I studied in the Nathanos’ library. The thought of it fills me with dread.


It seems the Demon Prince is finally playing his hand in this divine war.

Fearing the waters could bring the undead abomination back to life, I take the sack and toss it with the blade far into the snowy rocks at the base of the mountains to be lost. If anyone in the future would find Diamond Lagoon I can only hope they would never come across it. For reassurance, I decapitate the head and burn the body.

As we watch it burn the flames dance and stretch in shades of green. The smell is beyond awful. It is if I can feel the evil and undeath leave the body to merge back into the lagoon.

Amon is the first to speak up about what we had just discovered but does not get the chance. As soon as the first word leave his lips the prince vanishes with the sound of a soft pop. The look of shock and fear on Lithia’s face tells me that the prince did not disappear with his or her own magic.

Now that fear strikes myself. I have seen this before, I was even a victim of such magic. In Prince’s Frost own castle in Icewall as we battle Vecna’s chosen. Corrupted by the gibberish, Novak had teleported me through the realms of those he drew power from.

With each one encountered, I experienced true terror and madness before my life would end. With each death the cycle would repeat and I would live again only to die once more. Though time elapsed in mere seconds on my world, the nightmares lasted for hours with each realm explored.

The experience left me cursed with the yellow sign.

And as quick as he disappeared, Amon returns with the magical sword Lithia had took from Nathanos. Exhausted beyond belief, the blade falls from his hand as he collapses to his hands and knees to the snow. Unlike my own experience, Prince Frost’s was obviously different.

He and sword are covered in blood.

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