Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 24

Lynch’s Journal #139

Needing much rest, Amon decides it is best to barricade himself in one of the homes with magic as we search Diamond Lagoon for survivors. It proves to be a quiet investigation. Though we look for survivors it is the last thing in our minds. The sword Prince Frost wields is a major issue among us, most heavily on Lithia. What is he does not return next time?

What if he is not there when we return for him?!

Amon assured us it would all be fine, informing us that the blade is sentient and promised to protect him. The fact that the weapon thinks for itself is a whole other frightening issue. My friend has been prone to be easily persuaded by power in the past. I cannot help but feel it is no different here. As usual, it will be up to me to confront him about it.

His experience in this crimson realm of demons does not help the still and eerie feeling of the lagoon as I row to the lone island. Though there were no signs of a boat in the water, Balasar points out how defensible it could be with means of escaping that would slow down the freak we had just battled. The paladin thought it was best we check it out before moving on from the town.

After casting a magical alarm on our boats, I move to the backdoor of the small bungalow as the copperborn leads Lithia through the front. Once inside there is no sign of struggle, not even a dead body as we enter. Balasar leads into the darkness, slowly opening the first door to look inside. He does not even see the movement slipping between rooms ahead of him.

Giving the sign to warn Princess Frost to stay back, I creep ahead to the room on the left. There in the corner, using a wall to hold himself up in somewhat of a defensive stance with a dagger, is a battered elf. I sheath Thoughts at the sight of his busted leg. Looking him in the eye I tell him that everything is alright, that we had killed the murderer and were here to help him.

His shoulders slump as his dagger clatters to the floor.

Sheathing Prayer, I cautiously approach to show him no threats. Once the fellow does not show signal to halt, I pull some of the dirt from the forest that surrounds Red Larch and rub in on the wound. Whispering the words of nature’s power, the magic infuses the patch and heals the wound enough for him to walk on. The elf thanks me with a sigh of relief from the pain.

I called out for Balasar and Lithia, who he greets with thanks as well but wastes no time in asking how we killed the abomination. Reaching up to rub my sore neck in remembrance, I reply that it was not easily. With a chuckle Lithia chimes in, making a joke about how I just leaped in without regard for my well being.

The smirk on the battered elf is a sign of needed trust. As I offer my hand to help him up, that trust is solidified as he gives us his name.


My questioning look to both the paladin and sorcerer is met with the same curious expression. Balasar does not hesitate to reveal that we have heard of this elf, finishing his first name by giving is last, Ildon. He even goes so far to tell Vax that we know he is part of the Shadow Guard.

All the surprised elf can do is stare at him in disbelief.

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