Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 25

Lynch’s Journal #140

The Champion of the Raven Queen was surprised we knew so much about him. He was caught off guard that we knew of the Shadow Guard and their former alliance with the Sunbreakers. What shocked the elf most was the fact we knew that it came to be after Cindermaw’s brother, Thordax, had killed his mother.

The question is why would the dragon kill this elf’s mother?

And as expected, he knew us as well. Most likely from Lamoram, the dark elf leader of the Shadow Guard, a hidden faction in Mirabar who protects the northern realms from within the dark. Vax has heard of our tales against The Restless Hand, The Bringers of Woe and are actions during the Siege of Icewall.

But what he was most impressed with was the death of Nathanos. There was a bit of jealously in his voice when Vax mentioned he had been after the lich for years. It struck me odd that the elf would know of it seeing how I had destroyed the Sunbreaker in the safety of his own castle that was not only magically sealed from intruders but also from those with prying eyes. Before I can ask how the Shadow Guard how he knew, the Raven Queen’s champion gave me my answer.

He said that the death had righted the unbalance of the lich’s undead existence. With that, his goddess had claimed a valuable soul.

Then Vax unknowing tells us the pieces of Nathanos’ story we were missing. The mage’s arcane energy had exploded due to Orcus. Using the Sunbreaker as a conduit, the demon lord has unleashed his necromancy upon the North. With the energy, the fiend had raised all the dead in the land and brought forth his own champion in this divine conflict over death.


Seeing the concerned looks upon our faces, the Raven Queen’s champion nonchalantly admits none of Icewall’s siege is the lich’s fault. Regardlesss if it was or not, Vax flatly states it was past his time in their plane of existence. With finality, the elf states that Nathanos nor anyone else should deny their passing to his goddess by mocking her with undeath.

Now I am starting to see the connections to everything since finding Slukx’s makeshift lab at Lance Rock. Since Prince Amon has brought us four together and defeated Vecna’s forces, Orcus was making his move against the Raven Queen. Just to see if Vax has any useful information that may tie this to recent assault on Icewall being connection, I inform him about the bodies of our fallen being taken.

It is no surprise that he does. Vax says that it must not be an isolated incident because it happened over a tenday ago in a small town between Waterdeep and Mirabar. The place goes by the name of Red Larch.

Fear strikes me with those words. My thoughts are flooded with images from Amon’s tale of Henry’s taking. I can hear the screams of the townsfolk as the large birds bombard my home. I can feel the heat of the building burning.

Balasar and myself had been baited and fooled from Red Larch, leaving it defenseless.

And all I can think about is that the death of Amara and Jalina is on my hands.

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