Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 27

Lynch’s Journal #141

Panic swells up in me. Forget this mission, in this moment I could careless about some war between gods and demon lords. The only thing that matters is the woman I love and the closest friend anyone could ask for. I need to leave for Red Larch immediately.

As Vax rambles on Lithia looks at me knowingly. Princess Frost has first hand experience how rash I can be when those I care about become involved in the battles against our enemies. She will not hesitate to hold my body motionless if need be.

My fear grows worse as the Champion of the Raven Queen continues with his information. Two humans were taken from the town, joining with Tuskgutter alongside another of their kind and a dwarf. With that there is no doubt in mine or anyone else’s mind who these four followers are.

But it is the bit about the sword given to the abomination by Henry that gives my growing concerns pause. Vax says it is a blade of pure crimson, like that of blood. The elf is unsure of what the weapon truly is but its aura is one of pure evil and death.

Then he speaks of the whole reason Balasar and myself even headed to Icewall in the first place.

The obsidian skull.

Much like the one that we first found back at Lance Rock, he has seen them as well. Like the crimson sword, they, too, give off the essence of powerful magic. His investigation had lead him to discovering that they are tied to a something called a Soul Forge.

Vax believes them to be the power source that created Tuskgutter and his kind. But unlike the one he had killed, the rogue worries about the intelligence behind our enemy’s eyes. He event shows us proof in letters written by the brute that he had came across. The elf thinks the abomination will be a deadly foe.

Seeing the advantage that his tale has given me, I dump the cursed object from my pack and offer a trade. It for a trip to Red Larch. Seeing that he has been in this frozen land by himself for so long, I have no doubts he can guide me straight to Mirabar without heading back to Icewall.

As expected, my friends give me a look that says what is going on currently is far more important than those away from us.

And I don’t care.

To change there minds I bring up a point that none of them had thought about. If Henry and Dundragon have risen from the grave and give their intelligence back, they more about the workings of Icewall Castle than Amon himself does. Any assault mount against the walls will be far worse than those attempted by Novak.

The validity of that gives them pause.

Staring at the obsidian skull, Vax defers from taking it. He is just grateful one is in our hands and not with Brask. To my surprised, the champion informs me he can teleport me to Mirabar with a quick trip by horse to the south. This catches Lithia’s attention, leading both to discuss a trade for sigil locations with our newfound alliance.

With that we form a plan. Princess Frost will send Amon back to their home in Icewall with the remainder of her arcane magic. On arrival he is to warm his father of what we have discovered. King Frost can then seal off any secret entrances to his kingdom and seek out Henry’s old clan halls for traces of Brask and his growing army.

In the morning, Vax Ildon will use his own shadow magic to take us to Mirabar. From there the sorceress will take the elf back to Icewall, quickly grabbing her husband only to return. Then we ride to Red Larch.

Taking a deep breath, Lithia casts the spell. Using her finger, she pulls the arcane from the Weave to the Material Plane to draw her personal sigils on the wooden floor. As she does they are a faint blue but shimmer to life as the princess finishes. Giving Amon a wink and a kiss, he instantly vanishes with a soft popping sound.

Now it is my turn to take a deep breath to steady myself. Both Balasar and Lithia give me sorrowful expressions to reflect how I feel. I need to see that Amara and Jalina are fine with my own two eyes and they both know it. Nothing else will suffice.

It will be the only way I can see the rest of this mission through.

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