Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 27

Lynch’s Journal #142

I will be grateful to get to Mirabar.

My night was full of fitful sleep when I could do so. What little I could get was brought on by exhaustion due to battling Diamond Lagoon’s butcher. Learning about Randle Dundragon and Braun being taken from Red Larch kept my mind racing all night. It was not that the bodies were taken.

It is the fact that the two people I love more than anything in this world could be in danger.

Maybe even dead.

After Vax and Lithia prepare their spells for the day, the champion goes about marking the wooden floor with sigils. With each one marked I study the ritual, learning his are akin to hers. As he writes the final one, a wisp of smoke materializes from his arm and sinks into the floor boards. The room dims a little despite the sunlight.

The teleportation circle is ready.

The elf motions for us to step in which draws hesitation from Balasar and myself. It is not that we do not trust Vax, it is that we have never done such a thing. And what I have learned of teleportion, it can be a disastrous casting. But I think of Amara and Jalina to push past those thoughts. They are all that matter in this moment.

With a word whispered the sigils do not flare to life like the night before, it is completely the opposite. They pull all the light from the room into them causing everything to become pitch black. All of sudden there is a lurch as if something in the darkness snatched me away with its godlike strength from where I am standing.

Nausea hits me in waves as I come to a sudden stop. The dark slowly gives away to a dim light given off by candles. Adjusting to my new surrounds, I begin to see the sigils marked on the stone slab we stand on. A giggle brings me to me senses at Princess Frost finds my misfortune entertaining.

But something is wrong, Balasar is not with us. Did Vax perform his ritual wrong and the paladin suffered for it? Fearing the worse, the elf opens the secret door to the small room that leads into a familiar basement. Symbols of a blazing sun light up the room.

It was here that Lamoram had tested Lithia and myself. The dark elf leader of the Shadow Guard had easily enough lifted my friend’s coin purse form her. Luckily my sharp eyes from all of my days of thieving in Waterdeep had noticed it, leading me to call the cleric out on his actions.

That test to see where loyalties lied with one another. As I look around it is crazy to believe it lead to us to this very moment. Without trusting Lamoram then I would have never found these heroes I call friends.

Never would Jalina returned to me.

My heart would never have known Amara’s love.

Vax’s worry snaps me out of the memory as he and Lithia go over the sigils marked back at Diamond Lagoon. The commotion draws the attention of the elf’s leader as he comes with a few guards in tow. Lamoram is surprised to see not on the Champion of the Raven Queen but the sorceress and myself as well exiting his secret chamber.

Vax begins to explain to the cleric the mishap at him. On que, the light is pulled into the small room hiding the teleportation circle. As the room begins to brighten Balasar stumbles out backwards with greatsword in hand, on guard of something inside. The copperborn screams to arm ourselves, claiming it will follow him.

With weapons drawn and spells at the ready, Vax rushes to the secret door. A look of confusion crosses his face as he looks within before looking bask to Balasar. The paladin exclaims that it was there, holding him in afloat in the darkness, giving a warning of our impending death and of the slaughter coming to our world.

As his last words are spoken he looks down to the destroyed forearm bracer. A perfect imprint of a large hand had melted through the armor to leave a matching burn on his scales and flesh. The paladin’s look of uncertainty at the wound tells us everything we need to know.

Tuskgutter had come.

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