Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 28

Lynch’s Journal #143

Though the idea of someone, or something for the matter, being able to hold Balasar in the middle of a teleportation spell is a cause for alarm. Between the three casters none could explain how Tuskgutter could do such an incredible feat. It does make us all question the abilities of the abomination.

With no threat following the paladin, Lithia quickly uses the arcane circle to send herself and Vax quickly away to Icewall. Minutes later both return with Amon, who is still suffering from battling the horde of demons, in tow. After a small meal with Lamoram we ride our horses with haste to Red Larch.

The trip is long, too long. Deepwinter’s grip makes traveling difficult despite the magic gifts bestowed upon by Pelor’s church. Despite the biting cold we push on. When the others ask for a break from the bitter winds I offer none. They do not stand to lose what I left behind at my home.

Amara and Jalina.

Their well being is all that is on my mind.

As the snow and ice eases up further south so does my worries as we reached the outskirts of Red Larch. Guards on horseback mark our approach with a wave of a hand. These are people I know, men and women Balasar and myself trained to defend our home after the defeat of The Restless Hand.

Garin, Kriss, Barlow and Treven.

The paladin and myself return the wave. As we get close the four ride up to greet us, grateful to see our return. Unfortunately, I warn them that it cannot be announced. They share concerned glances at one another before telling us Red Larch has seen no troubles in our absence.

I breath a sigh of relief.

Though the news is good it does not change the fact. I tell them to stay at their post while we attend to other matters before returning to town. None of them disagree and reply with understanding nods. If all goes well I assure them that we will return in just over two days.

The words kill me as I say them. So close am I to see the women who hold my heart yet I am bound to duty. To protect not only them but those around them in the small town. For all those townsfolk have done for me in the past I will always owe it to them.

Another day on the road and luck holds out. The old Sunbreaker tomb remains untouched. There are no traces of activity in the area except for our own and the memories of the past. This very place is where everything changed for us four.

Vax can see it our eyes, the thoughts are written on our faces. Before he can ask Amon begins to speak of his mentor, his closest friend, Henry. He goes about how this crypt set his current life into motion, how it brought him to a reality he was blind to.

Lithia places her head on her husband’s shoulder to comfort him as tears well in his eyes.

I chime in about how the good dwarf’s reveal to be a tied to the Restless Hand much like myself was hard to believe. But unlike myself he was playing the game against Novak to aid the kingdom of Icewall. Henry had redeemed himself and now it has come back to haunt us all as his body has been taken.

Princess Frost and Balasar jump in and before we realize it Vax has learned our story. The elf now knows the rough roads that lead us to one another. Much like the forgotten Sunbreaker, those troubles were laid to rest.

And just like the old soul, it is time to head home and rest ourselves.

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