Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 29

Lynch’s Journal #144

Red Larch.


Balasar and myself take in the welcomes from the folk as we ride in from the north. Their friendly waves and grateful smiles will always drive me forward. It was them who put faith in me when the Restless Hand came to run their extortion as I did all I could to keep coin in these people’s pockets.

And it was all lead by Amara.

I cannot hide my grin as she runs down the snow dusted road to greet me. Without her speaking up for my deeds at the trial I have no doubts that I would be dead now. Red Larch might be what drives me, but this woman is my strength. It is the thought of her that keeps me fighting when my back is against the wall.

Dismounting the horse I scoop her up and and spin as she laughs, feet kicking in joy. Despite the snow and the cold breeze of winter Amara is as warm as spring and smells just as good. Before I can tell my love that I miss her she smoothers me in kisses.

They meet no resistance.

With the rest of Red Larch crowding around, Balasar sets our plan into motion. I hide my distaste in Amara’s hair from what the paladin is about to say. Every part of me hates to lie and keep secrets from these good folk. But I have unfortunately learned a valuable lesson and a harsh truth from Lothric in the last year.

Sometimes lies are needed to keep the peace and protect those we care about.

The copperborn makes the announcement that Prince and Princess Frost will be arriving in a few hours and that we need to prepare a celebration in their name.

Cheers erupt from those around us. Some run to spread the news, other go to their shops and parlors to prepare the goods for the coming of royalty. It is not lost on these people how much the couple means to them, especially Amon. Without him spearheading the fight against Varix, Maddox and myself, who knows what state Red Larch might find itself in these days. The prince, above the rest of us heroes, will always be the most beloved.

As much as I wish to lose myself in Amara there are matters to attend to in town. The party is just a cover up for our true intentions. Pulling back from a kiss she stares me in the eyes, there no doubt that my love knows I have not returned for good. Lowering my eyes from her own I offer an apology.

With a furrowed face and deep sigh she assures me that it is alright, that she understands. Amara knows that my first priority is to protect the people of this town which includes her. My love knows that nothing will stand in my way of that, not even my feelings. Much like the lie Balasar told, it is a harsh truth we both have to face.

But I promise her tonight we will be merry. Toasts will be raise in the name if Frost. Music will be played and the folk will dance and drink their fill.

And none will be wiser for our true intentions for returning.

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