Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 30

Lynch’s Journal #145

The good folk of Red Larch never fail to impress me. With the announcement of royalty returning to their town they spare expense for the celebration. Despite what awaits us on our return North, it does my heart good to see the adoration for Prince Frost. Without Amon’s bravery, the people would never see myself the way they do today. It is a debt I will always owe him.

But this night Lithia outshines her husband, for she was a local before the threat of The Restless Hand. The rabbit trapper had now became a princess, a true reason for a celebration this magnificent. For every little girl it is a dream come true to go from having little to nothing to royalty. Though she receives grand pleasantries, the sorceress remains humble, showing the common folk that a castle has not changed her.

Luckily for me the two make just the distraction I need to sneak inside the church of Pelor. Though I hate the idea of picking the lock like some thief, it is better than breaking a window. Feeling the guilt of having to do this, I leave more in the offering plate that I normally would before heading to the graveyard.

Grabbing a shovel, I head toward Randle Dundragon and Braun’s tombstones. The grass is undisturbed, a good sign to any who tends the headstones but deep within I know better. Burying the shovel into the frozen ground above the cleric’s resting placing, a mixture of regret and hate swell in within me. No one should ever have to look at the remains of a fallen friend, let alone dig the corpse up themselves. But I continue on, facing the hardship so the others do not have to.

Being lost in my thoughts I do not hear her approach. With confusion and shock in Jaline’s voice, she ask what I am doing.


Of all the people in Red Larch she was the one I did not want to know about this.

When the church was built by Dundragon’s own hands as a show of good faith to the town, Jalina was quick to take the opportunity to seeing the day to day activities. Knowing what we and Remy had been through as children back in Waterdeep, my friend shaped it into a safe haven for orphans.

And now she has caught me defiling it without her knowledge.

Shame washes over me as I see the emotion in the caretaker’s eyes turn to anger. After all we have been through, after all she has been through without me, I should never had to do this behind Jalina’s back. Even after I failed to rescued her from Novak, after I left her for dead back in Waterdeep, there is no reason not to trust her with what I am doing. Taking a deep breath I tell her everything.

The site inside the cave at Lance Rock.

The attack on Icewall.

The calling and destruction of the lich, Nathanos.

The hunt for Lothric and Tuskgutter.

Jalina rewards me with a slap followed by a strong hug, a hard way of saying she understands my actions. After a few seconds, the embrace is over and we both begin to shovel the cold dirt.

With my best friend at my side an hour flies as we uncover the casket. The echoing thud of the shovel against the wood is answered by my heavy sigh. Jalina looks at me curiously as my shoulders slump in defeat. The sound is all I need to know not to dig for Braun.

Forcing the lid open with my crowbar, the caretaker of the church of Pelor gasp as we find Randle’s body missing.

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