Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 32

Lynch’s Journal #147

Our return to Mirabar was agonizingly slow for myself. As the others make plans to search a prison a few days from Diamond Lagoon, my thoughts were full of Amara. A full year and more we spent together before all this began. All of those moments cannot even bring a smile to my face.

Despite those memory I could only think of the new one I had made, one that strikes me with guilt. Lithia had given me the chance to make another great moment in my life and I chose not to out of cowardice, out of fear that I would not return from this hunt for Tuskgutter and Lothric.

The sorceress watched me as the days passed. When the two of us were away from our friends, Princess Frost encouraged me that I would have my chance to give my love the ring. She reminds me that the Siege of Icewall was bigger than this and we had survived. Our determination to save her husband’s kingdom gave Amon and herself the chance to be together and that this will be no different for Amara and myself.

Again, I could not help but feel she is wrong.

Lamaron proved to once again be a charitable ally once we reached Mirabar. The leader of the Shadow Guard had procured a scroll of teleportation for Lithia. With the location of Diamond Lagoon fixated in her mind, she would have no issues harnessing the magic within the parchment to get us there.

The days away from the sight of the slaughter had covered up any evidence. No traces of the battle with the murderer were visible. Even the body had became covered by the piling snow, hiding any sign of fire. Not trusting the undead, I took the time during my watch to reassure myself the remains were still there.

Deep inside I was praying to whatever gods would listen that it would rise to fight.

There has only been one sign of life on our journey to the prison. Our final days before arriving a large, white wolf had been stalking us at a distance. I have no clue if the beast knows that my eyes have been watching it as well. The animal is smart, keeping to the heavy banks so it blends in perfectly with the blinding snow during the daytime hours.

Maybe too smart.

Hours before we arrived the wolf broke off its pursuit. Though the others think nothing of it, I am not convinced that is a good thing. Being the only living creature for miles and willing to give up the hunt of the only prey is a clear sign that we should not be here.

But when you are searching for a friend what choice do you have?

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