Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 33

Lynch’s Journal #148

Even from high above on the mountain pass we could all tell the prison was abandoned. As we approached no guards shout out warnings to halt. The large, iron gates are the only clue that someone is here. Opened just enough to easily move through, multiple heavy tracks can be seen. Though days old and filled with fresher snow, they are deep enough to indicate they were running away from, not into, the prison.

A clear warning that we should not be here.

Whoever was here fled. Maybe there was a riot and breakout? Preparing for the worst, a draw Thoughts and Prayers to let the others know what i discovered.

Entering the gates, the bootprints spread out to three sets coming from the prison. Further searching discovers at least a dozen more had spread out to the guard towers and outer buildings but not in the rush the others were. I suggest they might belong to patrolmen for the walls but at this point I am unsure.

Taking precaution to not walk into an trap, we search the outer buildings first. The largest of them is a barracks for the guards. No warmth from a fire greets us as I open the door. Dust covers everything within from the kitchen to the bunks. Nothing alive has not been here for quite sometime.

Another clue that we should not be here.

Not wanting to waste time, Lithia suggest we go directly to the prison to find where the tracks had came from. None of us disagree after the seeing the inside of here.

The bootprints lead to a massive mound of snow dusted rubble from a collapse wall. It is easy to see how a riot would break out by the width of the opening. Amon brings up the obvious question, why would only one sections of the prison collapse? Fueling the curiosity, Vax brings something very significant to our attention.

Whatever cause the collapse pushed from the outside inward.

My first thought is a frost giant. Not that I have ever seen one but the tales told in the taverns of Waterdeep would suggest so. This is the perfect terrain for such a creature and the natural strength the race possesses is legendary enough to do this. There is no doubt in my mind they could easily plow through these walls.

Taking no chances, we find one of the entrances to come through. On the main floor the destruction continues. Whatever barreled through the wall continued, taking out plenty of the cells, creating a tunnel of darkness. Seeing the impressive feat of strength, my mind continues to dwells on the giant.

What dominates the area is the scene of a slaughter. Bodies lay motionless, frozen stiff and buried in the snow. Large tears and scorch marks line the concrete walls. A barrier of icy shards, shattered in sections, divides the area.

Prince and Princess Frost go about investigating the cells as the paladin, the champion and myself search the bodies. Summoning the magic within her, the sorceress discovers that the holding cells on the main level glow with energies. She has no doubts the wards are traps to prevent prisoners escape from escaping.

Among the dead are nine bodies. Four of them are trapped within the wall of ice. Unfortunately, one of the poor victims manage to not be froze from the chest plate up. Squatting down before him, I dust off the snow on his face to find his skin a light shade of purple. The poor bastard was stuck and froze to death, a most terrible way to die.

Balasar calls out that he has something we should see. Turning to face him, Balasar finishes dusting off the entire body of one of the dead. There on the chest plate is a insignia we know all to well. One that was branded into the flesh of the butcher of Diamond Lagoon.


The enemy had beat us here. What were the looking for? Are they, too, hunting Lothric? More importantly, what killed them and who or what would let three of their number flee?

In frustration I kick the body and begin to curse. This entire time is seems the cult is one step ahead of us. I begin taking deep breaths, trying to stop from screaming in rage.

Before I can do so a low growl rumbles the walls and floor of the abandoned prison. The sound reminds of me of Nataku in his bear shape but much angier, much louder.

The short and sharp sound of concrete and ice ripping echoes as the rumble continues. Whatever is here is big.

No. Massive.

From the darkness of the tunnel, piercing eyes of bright blue gaze upon us. The earth shaking growl intensifies as a large head covered in scales as white as the snow emerges. A look of anger and disgust shows on its primal features.

A godsdamned dragon.

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