Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 34

Lynch’s Journal #149

None of us dare move a muscle at the site of the beast. This is nothing like meeting Cindermaw. The creator of the Sunbreakers presented himself as majestic and strict. Regardless of our reason for being in the dragon’s realm, it regarded us with a small hint of respect for what we had achieved against The First Breaker.

This dragon is far different. Hate radiates off of the creature. There is no doubt it urges to slaughter us in the same fashion like the cultists at our feet. It takes all I have to fight back my fear. Hearing the heavy breathing of my friends tells me they are enthralled by terror as well.

Finally mustering the courage to speak, I inform the white wyrm we mean no disrespect by intruding upon its lair. I try to insure it that we have no intention of stealing any treasure from any hoard. Lithia chimes in, stating all we were doing was searching the place for a friend.

Sensing our fear, it lets my words hang in the air for a few heartbeats. It is a clear display that the creature is in control. The dragon’s mouth opens slowly to answer, revealing teeth as long as my shortswords and surely just as sharp. A true sign of dominance.

Not taking is icy, blue eyes from me it answers with a low growl informing us that we have no friend here. Chills race up and and down my spine as it speaks. My muscle tense up but I fight back the urge to run.

Terror clinching her throat, Princess Frost stutters that we promise not to return if we may leave.

Her husband, foolish yet calm, places his hand upon Lithia’s shoulder in attempt to back up the vow. Offering the beast a bow in respect Amon rattles off his titles in the kingdom of Icewall. In a tone as groveling as one can be toward a dragon, he ask the beast for its name.


Giving as much pleasantries as one can to please a dragon, Amon claims that all maps that mark his home will be destroyed so none may ever disturbed the peace. The prince offers this promise, by the power of his father the king, that it shall be done upon our release. Sweeting the deal, a fee will be paid from his own coffers for our intrusion.

What can only be taken as an arrogant snort, Seto flexes his wings to their full length as a massive body of armor like scales and bulging muscle slowly crawls from the tunnel. Easily the size of ship sails, the strength of wings pushes into the stone overhead, causing some to crumble upon the dragon’s back.

The wyrm pays no attention to the falling debris as if he never felt it.

Squinting his large eyes at Amon as if there was some game being played, Seto claims this prison was removed from all maps some time ago. A lich named Nathanos had done so, paying a handsome sum for him to make this his lair. Motioning to the dead around us, the dragon claimed they, much like ourselves, stumbled here looking for shelter from the blistering cold. A sin he will not forgive.

Asking Vax’s for the map, I reveal that Nathanos himself gave one to us with the prison marked on it. Seeing that this displeases the dragon, I inform him that the Sunbreaker had intended us to come here. That if we were to purposely be here so must these cultists, pushing my point that it cannot be a coincidence.

Seto snarls in aggravation. Displaying that he is the true master of the prison, one set talons digger into the icy walls. The sounds of splitting brick echoes back into the darkness of the tunnel. Followed by another, then another until the wyrm had scaled the walls to the third story above.

Not once did those piercing blue eyes leave us as the dragon climbed.

High above, the white wyrm begins to question us about why should he believe we are no different than the dead? What reason would stop his claws from rendering our armor and flesh?

Roaring that the answer is nothing, we all cover our ears at the defending sound that shakes everything around us. Dust from fractured stone and dislodged snow sprinkles the air. Hissing hate with every word, Seto claims he sees us as we do a filthy cockroach.

Weak, unwanted and easily crushed under boot.

Much like the others, my mind races for an answer. Without giving it much thought, I motion to Amon, announcing that he is a Sunbreaker of the grand dragon, Cindermaw. With the blessing bestowed upon him, the prince seeks justice and retribution against his lord’s enemies like those given death at our feet.

A deep, thunderous laugh rattles the walls of the prison. Loose chunks of brick fall around us, shattering ice and dusting up the resting snow. Seto mocks the name of Cindermaw as it leaves his fangs. Another roaring laughs shakes the walls as the dragon claims the master of the Sunbreakers is nothing to him but a fool who was banished at the hands of his enemies.

Banished? That information is not only unexpected but interesting. I remind myself in investigate it if we live.

The beast knows it has the upper hand in this direction situation. This is nothing but an exciting game to grow our fear before he slaughters us. Every look in his eyes says it. Seto has made it apparent that he has riches, that he wants to be left alone. Power is the only thing left to tempt him with at this point.

Desperate to escape, I show the dragon the most powerful item on my person.

The Sunbreaker gem of Nathanos.

Seto’s mocking laugher comes to an abrupt halt as he caught off guard at the sight of the ruby.

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