Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 35

Lynch’s Journal #150

Sunlight shines off the Sunbreaker gem, catching the attention of everyone. Looks of shock fixate on me at my stupid decision. Seto glares at me with curiosity. Then I get the expected question, how did I obtain it?

The dragon tried to hide his expression but I am not a fool. Now I have the upper hand. We can only hope my plan does not fail.

I claimed to have kill Nathanos, which is not a lie. Surely Seto was aware of the lich’s power. Adding assurance, I inform the white wyrm that my plan is to find the other five and kill Cindermaw. Hopefully sprinkling that lie in with the truth works. But to make Seto think about what I have revealed, the cursed that struck mage is mentioned.

Out of the corner of my left eye Vax steps forward to add credibility to my tale. He goes on at length about the curse but there is something in the way he uses his words I have not heard since leaving Waterdeep behind. The Champion of the Raven Queen is using the code of back alleys, underhanded dealings and black markets.

The tongue of thieves cant.

As his elegant way of speaking enthralls Seto’s attention, I pick up on the message. The elf is very irate about not only me having the Sunbreaker gem but bargaining with the small artifact. Through the code Vax is practically begging me to stop.

Unfortunately, I have went too far to this point. The white wyrm will tear us limb from limb just to get it. If we manage to escape he will hunt us down. Worst case scenario will be that he lays waste to Icewall along with Amon and Lithia’s children. That I cannot have on my conscience.

Silence falls over the prison as Seto weighs Vax’s warning. With a low growl he demands I bring him the gem. This plan might be foolish but I am not stupid enough to climb those stairs and place myself in from of the dragon alone. Now comes the risk of revealing the artifact.

I question Seto if he is afraid of catching the curse, claiming he fears to come get it for himself.

Again, the thunderous laugh shakes the entire prison. As the white wyrm throws his head back in amusement I notice his claws dig into the stone walls. The beast is bracing itself for something. Snow flutters from the lower floors upwards with the massive inhale of breath. Seto’s eyes flare their sky blue hue as a shower of ice rains down upon us.

Screaming a warning, I leap into one of the open cells for cover as Vax does the same. Amon holds his shield over himself and Lithia for protection. For extra measure both cast spells to block the attack. Silent and fearless, Balasar spews his corrosive breath above him to melt the shards falling his way.

With a roaring challenge, Seto leaps down from the third story to crash through the ice that it had just created. Before he can defend himself, the paladin is sent flying through a wall with a flick of the powerful tail. Princess Frost retreats up the stairs to the second level to create space for her magic. Her husband follows close behind to defend her, shield at the ready with his hands set to cast as needed.

Taking note of their movement, the dragon stalks toward the couple. A low growl escapes through its fangs as it promises none of us will leave here alive.

He might be right.

Not wanting to discover the strength of the tail, I recall the spell taught to me by

Nataku to propel myself through the air. After learning my lesson tendays ago, I set myself in a position to land, strike and move. Whispering the words so not to give away my position, the magic launches me above the second level of cells and past the white wyrm’s left wing.

As quickly as I land quickly Thoughts punches out. The quick stab of the magical shortsword catches Seto by surprise, digging through his thick scales and into muscle. I cut down to let the psychic energy flow into his body.

Following through with Prayers turns out not to be so lucky. The beast reared his terrible, hateful head back at me and shifted its body to counter attack. Before I can jab with the blade the fangs snap down at me. Being smaller and faster in the enclosed prison, a leap backwards as the maw closes shut just were I was a second before.

But I am not fast enough.

The attack was a diversion.

Seto slings his entire head my way like a massive battering ram. Not expecting the suddenness of the movement, the impact sends me flying into the rubble of the broken wall leading to the cold outside. It takes all I have to keep conscious from being hit by the raw power of the beast.

Then the rubble shakes as the dragon takes one heavy steps in my direction. Broken stones and snow shakes and slides under me as he takes another. As he opens the mouth all I can think about is the pain brought by dozens of razed sharp teeth.

One thought races through my mind repeatedly.

This is how I die.

Before the dragon can lunge, blinding light flares up followed by the challenging roar of Balasar. With his greatsword surging with divine energy, he thrust the heavy weapon into Seto’s ribs. The loudest roar yet rattles the prison as a whole and echoes through the cold, northern mountains.

Relentless in his assault the paladin rips his blade free and positions himself for another attack. Planting his right foot, he rotates with his blade out wide to open the dragon’s side in his backswing. Realizing his error, the copperborn uses his momentum to throw his sword overhead the intercept the incoming claw of Seto. Despite his strength, it fails to compare to the might of the white wyrm as he is drove to one knee.

Instantly Amon is there to aid him, hand surging with lightning. Rushing forward with all his speed, Prince Frost grabs one of the talons and releases his power to send it rippling up the dragon’s arm. The beast leaps back, howling with surprise and pain from the unexpected attack. As Seto does Amon unsheathes his enchant longsword and draws a line of blood from the thigh.

Pain racks my body as I push myself up from a sitting position in the rubble. There is no doubt in my mind I have ever been hit that hard. What’s the battle unfold in front of me, I can only think one thing.

How are we supposed to defeat this creature?

The dragon bellows in frustration at the damage suffered. Flapping its massive wings, frigid wind whips up to pelt Amon and Balasar with shards of ice while blinding them with snow. Both warriors are helpless against the force and are sent tumbling backwards.

Again, Seta rears his head back and steadies himself on hind legs. The wind he stirred reverses direction as he inhales deeply. Those eyes start flashing their dangerous blue, the only warning to the beast’s deadly breath. Before he can unleash Hell he screeches in terrible agony as a fiery explosion erupts between his wings to send the dragon crashing to the floor.

Above him on the second level, a wide smile comes across Lithia’s face.

The white wyrm sneers and grumbles, driving its claws easily through the stones as it rises to its feet. It turns to regard the sorcerer, claiming that that she shall die first. With a leap faster than lightning, Seto lands between the second and third level, crushing the rails and walkway as it sticks to the icy walls like a spider. Amon screams for his wife to run at the site above us.

Fear grips me as I see my friend facing her doom. My heart and mind fill with desperation. Without realizing I find myself fumbling in my pack for the gem as I unsheathe Novak’s shortsword. Seeing no other choice I call out for Cindermaw fo aid me, that if he will grant me his power I will be forever be his servant to justice.

Hoping for the best I place the gem in the slot in the pommel. Power rushes through me as the gem flares red. A sigh of relief escapes me as I know the lord of the Sunbreakers has answered.

Then the light quickly dies out and shines purple as pain shoots up my arm. I look down to see those dreaded tentacles latching to my arm like they once did long ago. Being caught completely off guard by the sudden change I drop the weapon, screaming in denial.

Before the sword hits the snow it disappears with a soft pop.

The Sunbreaker gem is gone.

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