Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 38

Lynch’s Journal #153

Trying to figure out how to place more trust into Aeomere, I ask the northern to come with me to search the upper stories of the prison. There is no objection as we head up the broken stairs.

The trip through the remaining jail cells is quiet. As we go through each looking for traps or signs of evidence I wait him to break in questioning. Surprisingly, the druid does not. His will is strong much like the wilderness in which he lives.

Once we reach the roof I start my questions. Have you seen a massive orc? What about an elven druid? How about a man with a metal arm?

The answer to each is no.

We watch Vax as he enters one of the outer compounds. Motioning with his head toward the elf, Aeomere states he does not know him but admits to seeing him days ago. After realizing the rogue was not a wondering zombie, the druid and his wolf had stalked him for a few days to outside of the town Diamond Lagoon. Once there he figured the Raven Queen’s champion would be no threat to the folk.

Looking back at the carnage caused by the undead butcher, I bite back a retort. There was no way anyone could have known what was going on in the town without being there firsthand. Knowing it took all of us just to kill the damned thing I have no doubts those two could have done so. Then again thinking back on the elemental form against Seto makes me think otherwise.

With that in mind I inform Aeomere what happened at the the lagoon and how we came upon Vax.

Anger swells up in his face at the mention of the lives that were lost. Reading his features, I can tell the druid would have defended those people with his life. It is clear to see he has just as much of a distaste for the living dead as myself.

Before I can tell him not to beat himself over it, the northern tells me a tale of how a horde of undead assaulted his tribe over a year ago. That he and others would call upon the power of the elements to defend them. For days after the assault, they had sought and destroyed what remained of the skeletons and zombies in their mountains.

That was when Nathanos had lost all of his power and raised all of the dead in the North. His mistake gave Novak and The First Breaker the army they need to lay siege to Icewall. For months afterwards undead who were attacking villages were hunted down and destroyed.

Aeomere and his tribe are just another victim of my cowardice to not kill Novak sooner. Not wanting to keep any more secrets, I tell him the truth of how his troubles came to be.

For a long moment the large northern stares at me emotionlessly. There is no shift in his face, no telling sign of what he is thinking as Aoemere digests what I revealed. If he is to punch me so be it. I can understand his frustrations more than anyone.

Finally the druid release a sigh accompanied with a short, small nods of understanding.

I let my own sigh of relief.

Dodging that arrow I answer my own questions about those we are searching for and why. The tale of Tuskgutter sickens Aeomere and is a firm reassurance of his allegiance to our cause.

Seeing that Vax is done with his search, we head back to the others as I continue.

I warn him of Amon’s enhanced sword and the teleporting property. Informing him there is no sign to when it send him to battle demons, I decide to further the cautionary tale. Laying it all out there, I admit to believe the prince is drawn to weaponry of immense powers, almost as if it is a curse.

And as if some cruel god was playing some joke, the very thing happens in front of us. With a soft pop Amon appears before Seto’s corpse. Fresh blood paints his armor and blade. Exhausted from his battle he falls to his knees as his sword clatters to the stone floor.

Once again, he has been teleported away after a hard fought battle only to fight harder against hordes of fiends. When will it be too much that he falls against them?

He needs to think about his wife, his children and his kingdom before being called upon the next time.

My rage boils at the thought of him not being there for them.

Panting heavily, Prince Frost reaches for his sword. Being the fresher and quicker of the two, I step up to kick the weapon out of reach.

This needs to stop.

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