The March on Icewall: Entry 19

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #104

I feint to my right to draw the attention of Novak and the First Breaker. Casting a spell upon two daggers to mark the bastards, I fling the blades. One sticks into the cursed copperborn’s shoulder, the other finds it mark in the ebonfriend’s chest. I will do everything I can to keep them away from the others as I warn of the purple crystals growing just within the throne room’s entrance.

The itch digs deep in my brain. I can hear Novak in my mind, questioning me why I attack him. Why would I turn my back on my family who gave me everything.

I grind my teeth against his words in my head, screaming at him that my family is here to put an end to this for good.

It was all a distraction. As I open my eyes the First is in front of me, greatsword swinging down. I barely manage to get my cutlass up to block the attack. The tip of the blade cuts into my armor, slicing into my shoulder. From the fiend comes promises of forgiveness, that is not too late to return to the Restless Hand.

I see Balasar and Lothric split as they enter the throne room, each hacking away at the crystals that empower the First Breaker. Those two realize my plan. Through gritted teeth I assure him I know where I belong, that I am a hero to the people of Red Larch.

From behind him streaks of fire scorch his hide. Amon marches in front of Lithia to defend her, blasting the First with a wave of flames. The cursed Sunbreaker roars in pain.

Taking advantage from the release of our locked blades, I roll under his, planting my feet and launching myself at Novak. He deflects my old cutlass with his newly return sword but is too slow for my dagger. I shove it into his side and leave the weapon there.

With just the whisper in the gibberish heard within the portal I banished him to he pushes me just outside the reach of his sword. Before I can rejust my position Novak swings low, cutting me across both thighs. Fighting through the pain I leap inside the reach of the greatsword.

Glancing over I see only one of the crystals is left, Balasar is already cracking it with his sword. Amon and Lothric are locked in battle with the First Breaker, keeping him away from the paladin. From the doorway Lithia continues to blast away to aid them with her spells.

I locked up swords with Novak to keep him close and on the defensive. Again, I snatch another dagger and stick it into his belly. As he flinches from the pain I drive my forehead between his eyes. His eyes flutters as blood seeps from his busted scales.

The itching intensifies in my brain. Now as Novak speaks it is like the bastard is screaming in my brain. He mocks me with questions, asking why would I not side with him once my lost friend was returned. Why would that not give me enough reason to trust him.

I scream at the top of my lungs to break free of his magical hold. Novak takes advantage of his distraction, the cursed copperborn runs me through with his sword. He looks me in the eyes to show me how much he enjoys the look of the shock and anguish on my face.

Then he and everything around me instantly vanishes.

The March on Icewall: Entry 18

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #103

As we march through the courtyard of Castle Frost I always knew I would see it with Amon beside me. Never did I think it would be under these circumstances. As Lothric and Balasar push the gate open I tense with anticipation to continue my battle with the First Breaker from all those months ago.

This time the ebonfiend will not escape.

Down the hallway the throne awaits us. The First casually sits in the huge throne of the Frost King. As we enter he shows no sign of fear. Picking up his massive greatsword he rises to greet us, shaking his horned head as if something is amiss.

The dragon addresses Amon as an ally, announcing that he has lived up to his part of their bargain. A kingdom for the prince to rule.

Continuing on the dragon inquires my brother about the power he has received.

We all turn to Prince Frost, curious to his answer. I try to slow my breathing, it has been too long since I have experienced nervousness. It will wound me deeply to do so but if Amon chooses to join them he will not take three steps before his dead body hits the stone floor.

The prince takes one step forward.

My fingers grip Novak’s shortsword tightly. I can feel the sweat build up on my brow.

Another step.

Slowly I slide one boot back to gain footing to launch myself forward. It his hard to fight back the tears that want to fall. Every part of me screams to not let him do this. That we can save the prince.

I can see Lothric and Balasar are doing the same, waiting for the right moment. Behind them Lithia looks on desperately, not sure of what her lover will do.

Third step.

Amon drives the cursed sword into the stone, vowing to defeat the First Breaker and save his kingdom of Icewall. A smirk comes across my lips as I hear the conviction in his voice. The others smile as well when the prince removes the greataxe from his back that belonged to one of the fallen Sunbreakers.

Turning to face our foe I am shocked at what happens, Novak’s shortsword disappears from my hand! Only one thought races through my mind, he has returned.

Stepping out from behind the throne is that bastard who has done nothing but make my life miserable. I know without a doubt it is him but he’s changed, the cursed copperborn has begun some type of transformation. From his snout hangs a group of greenish, copper tentacles. As he speaks I can feel that unforgettable itch in my brain.

Novak thanks me for empowering his weapon with the exact Sunbreaker gem it required, Lothric’s own. As he runs his scaly hand down the length of the blade it grows to the length of Balasar’s greatsword.

Damnit. This is what he wanted all this time. How could I have been such a fool?

I pull my old cutlass from the sheath at my hip. It’s weight is heavier than I remember. This was the sword that had rid me of him the first time. It is only fitting that it be the one to kill him.

Smiling, I charge Novak.

The March on Icewall: Entry 17

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #102

All eyes turn toward Amon. Even Lithia looks to her lover curiously. He looks to us all as if it is hard to find the answer.

At the cave is where the First had told him to go. The prince’s story does not change from all of those months ago. Lothric accuses him of lying.

Prince Frost goes on, saying he did not know it was Jalina, my once lost friend who I had told him about. All he knew is she was a captive and it was his duty to save her.

The prince admits he was unaware of why the First Breaker would send him to his own lair. Randle telling me about this had angered him because he knew none of us would understand or trust him now that the mark of Vecna cursed him.

The sheriff calmly stands by his conviction, still stating that it is all lies.

I find myself taking Lothric’s side. When we had found Amon protecting Jalina I was overcome with joy. Not once did I question how easily the prince had found her when for years I could not.

Then I look back on his decision to hide his mistake, his branding, from me. Prince Frost knew he could trust me with it. When I trusted no one I revealed my own to him in a desperate need for his help in ridding myself of Novak.

Now that my eyes are open maybe that is what he wanted. For me to find out this way so it would be more believable as a mistake. It seems the corruption has affected more than just the Sunbreaker gem.

Now I accuse my brother of lying, threatening him with Novak’s cursed shortsword. Amon throws his hands up in caution, telling me everything is true. It is all a mistake.

Lithia steps between us, trying to reason this out between us three.

She reminds us there is still evil in this kingdom and with the prince’s aid or not we need to go destroy it immediately. Muun reminds us that if we save Icewall in time there could be those here to remove both of the cursed gems from us.

All of us agree though Lothric protests that Amon should not be allowed to follow us. I give my word to everyone that if the prince remotely looks like he is going to turn against us I will kill him myself.

Lithia then points out that I am no different than Prince Frost with the blade secured against my will. Nor I or anyone else can argue against that.

To prove I am not like Amon I attempt to rip the gem from Novak’s shortsword. When doing so I feel my brain itch like it did long ago back in Krypt Garden Forest. With all my strength I pull only to have more of the oily black tentacles burst from the blade to lash at my arm.

Amon speaks up, informing me that this is how it starts so they can control me. He believes Lothric does not understand this, how Zul gets unwilling allies to join his cause.

I look to Lothric and he already knows there is no breaking free of it. Telling him it is now or never I begin to head to the Castle Frost. Just steps behind me the sheriff and Balasar fall in line. Behind them Amon stops Lithia just outside of earshot.

Anger flares up within me. I scream at my brother, telling him and everyone else there are no more secrets, no more lies. This is where I draw the line. There is too much at stake from this point on.

No one protests.

The prince takes a deep breath, looking to all of us before placing his eyes on Lithia. He makes her promise to kill him if he loses control. With a tear in her eyes she reluctantly agrees.

And if she does not I will not think twice about keeping my own to do the same.

The March on Icewall: Entry 16

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #101

The red color of the gem fades out and shines blue. I continue to hold the blade at arms length to Lothric, searching in his eyes if he will abandon me.

I ask if he can take the Sunbreaker gem from the sword?

He nods his head yes but states that he could not use it because of the corruption by the weapon. Even as I ask if the stone can be saved Lothric silences me, revealing that a massive amount of radiant energy could heal it.

I continue to question my mentor, asking why could he just not have said that in the first place? That why would he, being a Sunbreaker, know that valuable information but not tell Amon.

His answer is simple but catches me off guard.

Lothric says that Prince Frost is lying to us.

I refuse to believe it. Amon has never given any of us here a reason to not trust him. If not for him none of us would have came together. If not for my brother we would never be here to destroy the Restless Hand.

The prince changes the subject, asking where we might find the means to get this energy.

Lothric looks around to the fallen Randle Dundrgaon, a reminder of how important he had became to us. Next is Balasar who, just like the priest, followed out the beliefs of his chosen deity. The copperborn looks at the sheriff with a confused look.

Amon hands the blade to the paladin, who turns his expression to the prince.

Lothrics tells them both that Balasar does not have the power yet to purify the Sunbreaker gem. It will require a ritual much like he and Amon did to receive the powerful stone.

The prince continues to keep the subject off of himself and his gem. Is he truly lying to us? After what I had witness just yesterday Amon should be more focused on the corruption of his body and why it is happening.

The conversation gets heated between the two as it turns to the Restless Hand and this cult of Vecna. Prince Frost blames the whole thing on Cindermaw.

Lothric tells my brother he is wrong, all of this is the doing of Zul, Cindermaw’s brother. Anger flares up in Amon’s eyes.

Lithia finally chimes in, says that it all makes sense. The tombs she had found at the Bringers of Woe compound talked of the elemental keystone and how they could be used to bring the dragon back to this world. My mentor nods his head to confirm.

What happens next surprises us all, she apologizes to the sheriff. Another example of how Lithia has started to change. As the mage does she removes one of fallen Sunbreaker’s gem and hands it to Lothric.

With a smile he thanks her but it’s not enough for the Sunbreaker to trust Amon. He still believes Prince Frost’s mistake is different than those Henry and myself had made. Though I push and push to prove he is wrong, Lothric will not listen. To prove himself he asks the prince a question.

How did Amon know where to find Jalina?

The March on Icewall: Entry 15

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #100

The argument is so intense to the point I am afraid it will come to blows. Because of this I keep myself in the middle of them. I am torn on who to trust, both of them have helped shape me into who I am today.

Amon goes on about how this gem is a curse, that Cindermaw plans to destroy all of the Sword Coast. Lithia is quick to take the prince’s side. Even I support him, telling Lothric that he put this nonsense in the young prince’s head and should aid him in ridding himself of the gem.

The sheriff’s reply is that his choice is easy, that all Amon has to do is remove the gem himself.

I question my mentor’s motives in that moment. Is this a test? Does he not know what happens when someone takes the gem from you? Deciding to gamble with all of this I ask Lothric for his own.

He lets me take it without any debate.

Nothing happens.

The sheriff goes on, informing us about Amon’s gem and how it is corrupted. He believes the prince is taking the route of the First Breaker, living off of the negative energy in the world. For over three centuries he has spread the curse that is Vecna.

Prince Frost cuts him off, yelling at Lothric that he and the other Sunbreakers were lucky Cindermaw did not curse them nor their gems. In a fit of frustration he continues on about how he did not ask for this and does not want to follow Cindermaw and the First. Amon claims they are evil and he only seeks to destroy them both.

The two will go on forever about who is right. As long as Amon carries the cursed gem Lothric will refuse to aid the prince or allow him to follow the sheriff to First Breaker.

If he will not aid my brother then I will put our friendship to the test.

I take the sheriff’s Sunbreaker gem and push it to the hilt of Novak’s shortsword. The center of it corrodes as if being ate by acid. A tentacle slithers from it just like in my dream I had when we first arrived at Icewall. It pulls the gem within and locks it in place.

As it does three other tentacles burst from the hilt, latching themselves tightly to my wrist. Though my instincts scream to get rid of the weapon I stand there, holding it out to Lothric as I stare him in the eye.

He steps back as his eyes go wide with fear. My mentor questions me, where did I get the blade? How did I know to do that with the gem? Dumbfounded, he explains that that weapon has been attuned for a Sunbreaker gem.

All I can do is shrug my shoulders, telling him I am not sure who told me how it worked. As for where I got it he has knows the blade has been in my possession for months now. Lothric knows it belonged to Novak.

But I remind the sheriff that in this moment none of that matters, that we are friends and have a common bond. That he had taught me that there are ways to serve justice that do not require a code of conduct or morals. That not all routes to rid Faerun of evil are paved with good intentions. That he had took me under his wing knowing the mistake I had made by being involved with the Restless Hand.

More importantly, that I had now made a mistake about something unknown to me, just as Amon has done. I ask the sheriff if he will not help me?

Lothric can only stare me in the eyes with concern and uncertainty.

The March on Icewall: Entry 14

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #99

With a burst of speed I make it there before anyone else, leaping high into the air and driving Novak’s shortsword into the dragon’s neck. Using it has a handhold I try to hoist myself up but it thrashes around violently, trying to escaping from the ice.

Lothric, with his metal arm, is grateful to see me, saluting me by punching the beast in the snout. Randle is there beside him, bludgeoning the dragon with his flail before getting smashed into the snow as a claw breaks free.

Rays of fire scorches its head, a sign the others are just behind me. Amon and Balasar quickly follow, crashing into the dragon’s head as well. Our combine might should have killed the beast but it is not alive.

It had rose from the grave. No doubt a creation of The Restless Hand, a monstrosity of Novak.

Prince Frost shows recognition of the beast. Is this the one he spoke of riding when he had met Cindermaw?

Again I stab at the neck, finally managing to climb atop it and make my way over the ice. I frantically begin digging for Henry, moving chunks of it as fast as possible. Before I realize it Amon is beside me, aiding me in finding his long time tutor and friend.

The ice shutters as the battle rages on below us. I question myself if I am making the right decision by looking for Henry. Quickly I push away the notion, I am certain those four can kill the zombified dragon.

The prince and I move a large chunk of ice to find a hand just inches above the pile. I grab on to it, pulling with all my strength as Amon uses his sword to pry ice away from the body. Already I can tell it is not Henry, the dwarf does not wear gauntlets. Nonetheless we have to save him.

The Sunbreakers armor is fridged as his skin as already started to take a light shade of purple. With magic taught to me by Nataku, I summon the life energy of the earth to heal the man.


He is gone.

I leap down to help Amon with the digging. We have made it to the body of the dragon. Another violent shake shifts the ice around us. It is possible we could get buried ourselves but none of that matters.

We must get to Henry.

Through the mound of ice and snow we see another motionless body as the tremors around us stop, the dragon has been slain. Within moments Lothric and Balasar reach us. I can hear the sorrow in the sheriff’s voice as he sees he fallen Sunbreaker. It pushes me harder to find Henry.

And when we do, he is gone as well.

Tears fall from Amon’s eyes. I punch the ice around us in anger. If he would have only stayed with us he would be alive. When I look to Balasar there is sadness in his face, Randle is not beside him. It is all the confirmation I need to know that Randle has fallen during the battle, too.

The moment of silence seems like it last forever. Heroes have fallen this day. Eventually we recover the last Sunbreaker, bringing all of the fallen together to be at rest. Lothric growls out of frustration and rage breaks the quietness.

The sheriff marches toward Amon as if ready to fight, blaming him for all of this loss.

The March on Icewall: Entry 13

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #98

After the attack by the Bringers of Woe we rest longer than normal. It is much needed. Our wounds run deep but not as deep as the wedge driven between us all from Amon’s brand.

When waking up we find Randle and Henry gone.

It pains me that they would leave us behind over this. Though Prince Frost was upset over learning what the dwarf had done in the past to his kingdom he quickly forgave Henry. I see this as being no different. If anything he owes the prince his forgiveness at making the same mistake.

Randle is a different story. He came to us after we had found out about Henry’s involvement with the Restless Hand. The soldier turned priest had lead men under his command to their deaths over senseless glory and pride. He, too, should know the weight of making a horrible mistake.

As we leave I notice multiple tracks off to the side of the abandoned home, three sets. Did someone come get Henry and Randle? Was someone spying on us?

In the end it makes no difference. If they have forsaken us then they were truly never apart of us. We march toward the castle without them.

Picking our way through the noble district we hear a terrible roar followed by the sounds of battle. I look to the prince for his orders, quickly following him as he runs toward the sound. What we see is breathtaking and horrifying at the same time.

I have never seen a dragon before and in that moment a part of me hopes to never see one again. The massive creature of scales, teeth and claws is fighting multiple foes, all of them known to me.



And Lothric?!

I am thankful he is alive. It seems the sheriff had found his Sunbreaker gem which now rests in a metal arm. With him are two of his fellow law bringers I had seen when I first met the man. My muscles tense at the anticipation of battling along these heroes.

Lothric and Randle battle the dragon as high above them the dwarf and the two Sunbreakers chip away at a huge slab of ice frozen at the top of a wall. It seems they plan to pin the monster. We have to rush to aid them before the beast can kill them.

With all my strength I run to save them, my friends beside me but it is too late. The sheet of ice crashes onto the dragon.

With Henry being buried in it.

The March on Icewall: Entry 12

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #97

A warm, soothing feeling flows through my muscles. My breathing is more relaxed, my strength restored.

Randle is looking over me, helping me to my feet. I offer him a nod of thanks as I pick up my weapons. The living room is a full pitched battle. Henry and Lithia do what they can to defend the priest from two of the Bringers of Woe. Balasar stands back to back with Amon being assaulted by the remaining three.

It is painfully obvious we are friends divided in this fight. The wedge of Prince Frost’s mistakes have driven deep within our trust. There is no communication, no teamwork being displayed.

Breaking away from Randle’s healing touch, I leap up to aid Henry who is completely on the defensive. The priest is right beside me, flail swinging out wide to turn the tide of battle. But these warriors prove to be quite skilled, hitting us with well timed attacks.

Heat builds up behind us as Lithia chants the arcane words to a spell. Another small pea of fire arcs over our fight to land in front of the stairs. The explosion of fire shakes the home as the walls are engulfed in flames.

Smokes begins to fill the room.

The Bringers of Woe tumble toward us, just the opening we needed. I tell everyone to attack the burnt warrior from the mage’s fireball upstairs. Despite his skill four attacks prove too much for him. He sidesteps Henry’s greataxe only to catch Novak’s shortsword in the ribs as I puncture his stomach with my dagger. Before he can step back a flail caves his head in.

The explosion had the opposite affect on the other fight. Amon keeps his shield close, his shoulder bleeding from the slash of a longsword. Blows are traded between Balasar and both a greatsword and spear. The dragonborn’s heritage serving its purpose against the damage.

But it is not enough.

I feint an attack, causing the already defensive Bringer to deflect with his own spear so I can flank the prince’s opponent. But the skills prove to be greater as he quickly kicks Amon’s leg, causing it to buckle so he can parry my attacks with his longsword.

The warriors mistake was taking his eyes off of Prince Frost.

My brother bashes him forward with his shield as I launch myself at the Bringer with a headbutt. From behind, Amon drives his sword though his spine as a jab my dagger under the chin.

Our foe’s eyes flutter as he collapses to the floor.

Seeing that the others are getting the best of their opponents, the prince squares up with Balasar. I move to flank the two Bringers, using the flaming stairs to help trap them in the corner. Accepting our challenge they leap at us.

The one with the spear jump kicks Amon, expecting him to block with his shield. As the prince does the Bringer pushes off, stabbing out with his weapon and piercing the armor of Balasar. The copperborn excepts the attack, pulling the spear through him deeper to bring the warrior in close only to send him flying into the fiery wall with the flat of his massive blade.

With a growl of defiance he snaps the spear in two, leaving the rest in his side.

The other Bringer swings his greatsword out wide, pushing myself back and Amon even further out to create room for his weapon. Before he can bring the blade back around I get within its reach, stabbing out with Novak’s shortsword. The warrior deflects my arm up with his elbow as I was hoping for as I follow through, sticking my dagger into his ribcage. Before he can mount any defense from the wound Amon blasts the Bringer with cold shards of ice.

A hoot from Henry cues us that their Bringer has fallen. You can tell it in the eyes of the remaining two. Both look to each other and nod in some silent agreement.

The greatsword sweeps forward, not only to drive us backwards but so the unarmed Bringer can come in under it to attack. A shoulder block connects with Amon’s shield to send him stumbling, followed with a spin kick to my jaw. With the speed of a great hunting cat he races across the room, leaping over my friends and busting through the window.

With the distraction the remaining one charges Balasar, locking blades in a test of strength. Realizing the paladin is easily the stronger of the two he waits until the copperborn leans forward with all his might. At the moment he sidesteps, dropping his blade and diving through the nearby window as well.

As we leave the house continues to burns, surely to draw attention of Brask or some other evil invading Icewall. At least tonight we can rest knowing we have defeated one of those evils.

But I have no doubts the Bringers of Woe will cross our paths again one day.

The March on Icewall: Entry 11

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #96

I throw myself to the right and up against the wall as a greatsword tries to impale me from the opposite doorway, taking a gash across my stomach. Into a defense roll I move forward pass the two and yell a warning to the others. With my boots underneath me I spring forward to the Bringer with the greataxe, burying one of my blades in his stomach and grazing his ribs with the other.

He takes a step back as the acid burns within him.

The remaining four move out from the other rooms down the hallway. They run up from behind me, weapons held forward. I dodge one spear only to get pierced by the tip of a longsword.

Surrounded by the six Bringers of Woe is not where I need to be. Needing to make some space I feint with my dagger at the one to my right causing him to step back. As he does I strike out again with Novak’s shortsword, burying it in the shoulder of the injured one and pumping more acid into his body. Bringing my dagger around I stab him in the forehead.

His greataxe clatters to the floor.

I can hear the others downstairs moving around. One of them is coming up the staircase. All I need to do is stall just a moment or two longer.

The greatsword thrusts forward. I step back just in time but give up my backside to the others. Again the longsword comes, hacking into my shoulder as the spear punctures my armor and digs into my back. I count myself lucky the hallway plays to my advantage, the narrow space is the only thing keeping the large weapons of the last two Bringers from being effective.

Lithia finds makes it to the top of the stairs, already in the act of casting a spell. It seems like she is hesitant with me in the way. I yell for her to do it as I try to fight my way through the tangle of blades.

The mage throws a small ball of flame at us.

The Bringers of Woe realize the magic for what is and try to scatter. I leap toward Lithia as the fireball explodes into the hallway, the rush of heat and flames launching me forward and into the wall. Through the smoke and fire a body lies motionless on the floor.

At least she got one of them bastards.

The others moves back into the hallway, scorched and smoldering. As they do the fallen Bringer starts to stir and begins to bring himself to his feet.


I barely manage to get myself up and these guys just keep coming.

Lithia goes into casting as they dash forward. Before she can finish I grab her and throw ourselves down the stairs, taking the brunt of the fall so not to hurt her. We roll the remaining way down to meet the others.

The pain washes over me, I cannot focus. As I begin to fall but feel something catching me. My vision blurs before everything around me goes black.

The March on Icewall: Entry 10

These events take place before Rise of Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #95

As I take watch the mood between us all is colder than the city of Icewall.

For the remainder of the day not a word was said as we moved from the commoners district to the merchants, sneaking from building to building until sunset. Even as we barricaded the doors around us to this abandoned home none look at one another.

I take the first watch, looking to Amon and remembering that fateful first meeting. Varix, Maddox and myself had been sent to Red Larch. While relaxing at the Helm one night I had overheard him when he got word about us three causing trouble. Listening to the prince speak I just knew he would be the one who would end this.

And I stabbed him in the back with a dagger to get the point across later that night. Never once in that moment did I think he would ever be marked with the same brand as The Restless Hand.

The same brand as Henry.

The same brand as myself.

But I believe his story about Cindermaw. Prince Frost has given me no reason to not trust him in the past. He has always proven to be a hero when the time calls for it. Even when Amon left us without so much as a goodbye, he had return with Jalina, my friend I believed lost for years.

I am forever in his debt for that. If he means to kill the dragon than I will be there beside him to help do so. Besides Lithia, I cannot speak for the rest. She has already made her stand in protecting him.

Balasar would be the one to see this through if asked. Though the copperborn speaks little, his actions speaks volumes in combat. The Restless Hand has affected him in many ways since this all started. And there was that day at Krypt Garden Forest when I overheard Novak’s words to him. It is a question we both want answers to.

I expect Randle to be there as well. After all, he is the one who brought this to our attention so the priest must believe Amon’s story. And I expect the slaughter of the Blackened Earth people still stays with him to this day.

Henry is the one that worries me. I expected him to understand seeing how he was in the prince’s position long ago. If I would have not stopped him the dwarf would have killed Amon. As we fortified the home he kept his distance from the couple, avoiding them completely.

A noise from the second floor draws me from my contemplations. I creep up the stairs, quietly retrieving a flask of oil and leaving a trail to light if things go bad. When I reach the top not a soul is in sight down the hallway.

I stalk to the first doorway, crouching low to avoid any attack that may surprise me. It works in my my favor.


Inches from my face a large axe buries itself in front of me. Looking up there a man who skin resembles that of stone. His body is covered in simple and tattered garments. The face wears a simple but deadly smirk. It is one I have seen only once and one that we have been waiting to see ever since the slaughter of the Blackened Earth people.

The Bringers of Woe have come for us.