Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 28

Lynch’s Journal #143

Though the idea of someone, or something for the matter, being able to hold Balasar in the middle of a teleportation spell is a cause for alarm. Between the three casters none could explain how Tuskgutter could do such an incredible feat. It does make us all question the abilities of the abomination.

With no threat following the paladin, Lithia quickly uses the arcane circle to send herself and Vax quickly away to Icewall. Minutes later both return with Amon, who is still suffering from battling the horde of demons, in tow. After a small meal with Lamoram we ride our horses with haste to Red Larch.

The trip is long, too long. Deepwinter’s grip makes traveling difficult despite the magic gifts bestowed upon by Pelor’s church. Despite the biting cold we push on. When the others ask for a break from the bitter winds I offer none. They do not stand to lose what I left behind at my home.

Amara and Jalina.

Their well being is all that is on my mind.

As the snow and ice eases up further south so does my worries as we reached the outskirts of Red Larch. Guards on horseback mark our approach with a wave of a hand. These are people I know, men and women Balasar and myself trained to defend our home after the defeat of The Restless Hand.

Garin, Kriss, Barlow and Treven.

The paladin and myself return the wave. As we get close the four ride up to greet us, grateful to see our return. Unfortunately, I warn them that it cannot be announced. They share concerned glances at one another before telling us Red Larch has seen no troubles in our absence.

I breath a sigh of relief.

Though the news is good it does not change the fact. I tell them to stay at their post while we attend to other matters before returning to town. None of them disagree and reply with understanding nods. If all goes well I assure them that we will return in just over two days.

The words kill me as I say them. So close am I to see the women who hold my heart yet I am bound to duty. To protect not only them but those around them in the small town. For all those townsfolk have done for me in the past I will always owe it to them.

Another day on the road and luck holds out. The old Sunbreaker tomb remains untouched. There are no traces of activity in the area except for our own and the memories of the past. This very place is where everything changed for us four.

Vax can see it our eyes, the thoughts are written on our faces. Before he can ask Amon begins to speak of his mentor, his closest friend, Henry. He goes about how this crypt set his current life into motion, how it brought him to a reality he was blind to.

Lithia places her head on her husband’s shoulder to comfort him as tears well in his eyes.

I chime in about how the good dwarf’s reveal to be a tied to the Restless Hand much like myself was hard to believe. But unlike myself he was playing the game against Novak to aid the kingdom of Icewall. Henry had redeemed himself and now it has come back to haunt us all as his body has been taken.

Princess Frost and Balasar jump in and before we realize it Vax has learned our story. The elf now knows the rough roads that lead us to one another. Much like the forgotten Sunbreaker, those troubles were laid to rest.

And just like the old soul, it is time to head home and rest ourselves.

Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 27

Lynch’s Journal #142

I will be grateful to get to Mirabar.

My night was full of fitful sleep when I could do so. What little I could get was brought on by exhaustion due to battling Diamond Lagoon’s butcher. Learning about Randle Dundragon and Braun being taken from Red Larch kept my mind racing all night. It was not that the bodies were taken.

It is the fact that the two people I love more than anything in this world could be in danger.

Maybe even dead.

After Vax and Lithia prepare their spells for the day, the champion goes about marking the wooden floor with sigils. With each one marked I study the ritual, learning his are akin to hers. As he writes the final one, a wisp of smoke materializes from his arm and sinks into the floor boards. The room dims a little despite the sunlight.

The teleportation circle is ready.

The elf motions for us to step in which draws hesitation from Balasar and myself. It is not that we do not trust Vax, it is that we have never done such a thing. And what I have learned of teleportion, it can be a disastrous casting. But I think of Amara and Jalina to push past those thoughts. They are all that matter in this moment.

With a word whispered the sigils do not flare to life like the night before, it is completely the opposite. They pull all the light from the room into them causing everything to become pitch black. All of sudden there is a lurch as if something in the darkness snatched me away with its godlike strength from where I am standing.

Nausea hits me in waves as I come to a sudden stop. The dark slowly gives away to a dim light given off by candles. Adjusting to my new surrounds, I begin to see the sigils marked on the stone slab we stand on. A giggle brings me to me senses at Princess Frost finds my misfortune entertaining.

But something is wrong, Balasar is not with us. Did Vax perform his ritual wrong and the paladin suffered for it? Fearing the worse, the elf opens the secret door to the small room that leads into a familiar basement. Symbols of a blazing sun light up the room.

It was here that Lamoram had tested Lithia and myself. The dark elf leader of the Shadow Guard had easily enough lifted my friend’s coin purse form her. Luckily my sharp eyes from all of my days of thieving in Waterdeep had noticed it, leading me to call the cleric out on his actions.

That test to see where loyalties lied with one another. As I look around it is crazy to believe it lead to us to this very moment. Without trusting Lamoram then I would have never found these heroes I call friends.

Never would Jalina returned to me.

My heart would never have known Amara’s love.

Vax’s worry snaps me out of the memory as he and Lithia go over the sigils marked back at Diamond Lagoon. The commotion draws the attention of the elf’s leader as he comes with a few guards in tow. Lamoram is surprised to see not on the Champion of the Raven Queen but the sorceress and myself as well exiting his secret chamber.

Vax begins to explain to the cleric the mishap at him. On que, the light is pulled into the small room hiding the teleportation circle. As the room begins to brighten Balasar stumbles out backwards with greatsword in hand, on guard of something inside. The copperborn screams to arm ourselves, claiming it will follow him.

With weapons drawn and spells at the ready, Vax rushes to the secret door. A look of confusion crosses his face as he looks within before looking bask to Balasar. The paladin exclaims that it was there, holding him in afloat in the darkness, giving a warning of our impending death and of the slaughter coming to our world.

As his last words are spoken he looks down to the destroyed forearm bracer. A perfect imprint of a large hand had melted through the armor to leave a matching burn on his scales and flesh. The paladin’s look of uncertainty at the wound tells us everything we need to know.

Tuskgutter had come.

Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 27

Lynch’s Journal #141

Panic swells up in me. Forget this mission, in this moment I could careless about some war between gods and demon lords. The only thing that matters is the woman I love and the closest friend anyone could ask for. I need to leave for Red Larch immediately.

As Vax rambles on Lithia looks at me knowingly. Princess Frost has first hand experience how rash I can be when those I care about become involved in the battles against our enemies. She will not hesitate to hold my body motionless if need be.

My fear grows worse as the Champion of the Raven Queen continues with his information. Two humans were taken from the town, joining with Tuskgutter alongside another of their kind and a dwarf. With that there is no doubt in mine or anyone else’s mind who these four followers are.

But it is the bit about the sword given to the abomination by Henry that gives my growing concerns pause. Vax says it is a blade of pure crimson, like that of blood. The elf is unsure of what the weapon truly is but its aura is one of pure evil and death.

Then he speaks of the whole reason Balasar and myself even headed to Icewall in the first place.

The obsidian skull.

Much like the one that we first found back at Lance Rock, he has seen them as well. Like the crimson sword, they, too, give off the essence of powerful magic. His investigation had lead him to discovering that they are tied to a something called a Soul Forge.

Vax believes them to be the power source that created Tuskgutter and his kind. But unlike the one he had killed, the rogue worries about the intelligence behind our enemy’s eyes. He event shows us proof in letters written by the brute that he had came across. The elf thinks the abomination will be a deadly foe.

Seeing the advantage that his tale has given me, I dump the cursed object from my pack and offer a trade. It for a trip to Red Larch. Seeing that he has been in this frozen land by himself for so long, I have no doubts he can guide me straight to Mirabar without heading back to Icewall.

As expected, my friends give me a look that says what is going on currently is far more important than those away from us.

And I don’t care.

To change there minds I bring up a point that none of them had thought about. If Henry and Dundragon have risen from the grave and give their intelligence back, they more about the workings of Icewall Castle than Amon himself does. Any assault mount against the walls will be far worse than those attempted by Novak.

The validity of that gives them pause.

Staring at the obsidian skull, Vax defers from taking it. He is just grateful one is in our hands and not with Brask. To my surprised, the champion informs me he can teleport me to Mirabar with a quick trip by horse to the south. This catches Lithia’s attention, leading both to discuss a trade for sigil locations with our newfound alliance.

With that we form a plan. Princess Frost will send Amon back to their home in Icewall with the remainder of her arcane magic. On arrival he is to warm his father of what we have discovered. King Frost can then seal off any secret entrances to his kingdom and seek out Henry’s old clan halls for traces of Brask and his growing army.

In the morning, Vax Ildon will use his own shadow magic to take us to Mirabar. From there the sorceress will take the elf back to Icewall, quickly grabbing her husband only to return. Then we ride to Red Larch.

Taking a deep breath, Lithia casts the spell. Using her finger, she pulls the arcane from the Weave to the Material Plane to draw her personal sigils on the wooden floor. As she does they are a faint blue but shimmer to life as the princess finishes. Giving Amon a wink and a kiss, he instantly vanishes with a soft popping sound.

Now it is my turn to take a deep breath to steady myself. Both Balasar and Lithia give me sorrowful expressions to reflect how I feel. I need to see that Amara and Jalina are fine with my own two eyes and they both know it. Nothing else will suffice.

It will be the only way I can see the rest of this mission through.

Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 25

Lynch’s Journal #140

The Champion of the Raven Queen was surprised we knew so much about him. He was caught off guard that we knew of the Shadow Guard and their former alliance with the Sunbreakers. What shocked the elf most was the fact we knew that it came to be after Cindermaw’s brother, Thordax, had killed his mother.

The question is why would the dragon kill this elf’s mother?

And as expected, he knew us as well. Most likely from Lamoram, the dark elf leader of the Shadow Guard, a hidden faction in Mirabar who protects the northern realms from within the dark. Vax has heard of our tales against The Restless Hand, The Bringers of Woe and are actions during the Siege of Icewall.

But what he was most impressed with was the death of Nathanos. There was a bit of jealously in his voice when Vax mentioned he had been after the lich for years. It struck me odd that the elf would know of it seeing how I had destroyed the Sunbreaker in the safety of his own castle that was not only magically sealed from intruders but also from those with prying eyes. Before I can ask how the Shadow Guard how he knew, the Raven Queen’s champion gave me my answer.

He said that the death had righted the unbalance of the lich’s undead existence. With that, his goddess had claimed a valuable soul.

Then Vax unknowing tells us the pieces of Nathanos’ story we were missing. The mage’s arcane energy had exploded due to Orcus. Using the Sunbreaker as a conduit, the demon lord has unleashed his necromancy upon the North. With the energy, the fiend had raised all the dead in the land and brought forth his own champion in this divine conflict over death.


Seeing the concerned looks upon our faces, the Raven Queen’s champion nonchalantly admits none of Icewall’s siege is the lich’s fault. Regardlesss if it was or not, Vax flatly states it was past his time in their plane of existence. With finality, the elf states that Nathanos nor anyone else should deny their passing to his goddess by mocking her with undeath.

Now I am starting to see the connections to everything since finding Slukx’s makeshift lab at Lance Rock. Since Prince Amon has brought us four together and defeated Vecna’s forces, Orcus was making his move against the Raven Queen. Just to see if Vax has any useful information that may tie this to recent assault on Icewall being connection, I inform him about the bodies of our fallen being taken.

It is no surprise that he does. Vax says that it must not be an isolated incident because it happened over a tenday ago in a small town between Waterdeep and Mirabar. The place goes by the name of Red Larch.

Fear strikes me with those words. My thoughts are flooded with images from Amon’s tale of Henry’s taking. I can hear the screams of the townsfolk as the large birds bombard my home. I can feel the heat of the building burning.

Balasar and myself had been baited and fooled from Red Larch, leaving it defenseless.

And all I can think about is that the death of Amara and Jalina is on my hands.

Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 24

Lynch’s Journal #139

Needing much rest, Amon decides it is best to barricade himself in one of the homes with magic as we search Diamond Lagoon for survivors. It proves to be a quiet investigation. Though we look for survivors it is the last thing in our minds. The sword Prince Frost wields is a major issue among us, most heavily on Lithia. What is he does not return next time?

What if he is not there when we return for him?!

Amon assured us it would all be fine, informing us that the blade is sentient and promised to protect him. The fact that the weapon thinks for itself is a whole other frightening issue. My friend has been prone to be easily persuaded by power in the past. I cannot help but feel it is no different here. As usual, it will be up to me to confront him about it.

His experience in this crimson realm of demons does not help the still and eerie feeling of the lagoon as I row to the lone island. Though there were no signs of a boat in the water, Balasar points out how defensible it could be with means of escaping that would slow down the freak we had just battled. The paladin thought it was best we check it out before moving on from the town.

After casting a magical alarm on our boats, I move to the backdoor of the small bungalow as the copperborn leads Lithia through the front. Once inside there is no sign of struggle, not even a dead body as we enter. Balasar leads into the darkness, slowly opening the first door to look inside. He does not even see the movement slipping between rooms ahead of him.

Giving the sign to warn Princess Frost to stay back, I creep ahead to the room on the left. There in the corner, using a wall to hold himself up in somewhat of a defensive stance with a dagger, is a battered elf. I sheath Thoughts at the sight of his busted leg. Looking him in the eye I tell him that everything is alright, that we had killed the murderer and were here to help him.

His shoulders slump as his dagger clatters to the floor.

Sheathing Prayer, I cautiously approach to show him no threats. Once the fellow does not show signal to halt, I pull some of the dirt from the forest that surrounds Red Larch and rub in on the wound. Whispering the words of nature’s power, the magic infuses the patch and heals the wound enough for him to walk on. The elf thanks me with a sigh of relief from the pain.

I called out for Balasar and Lithia, who he greets with thanks as well but wastes no time in asking how we killed the abomination. Reaching up to rub my sore neck in remembrance, I reply that it was not easily. With a chuckle Lithia chimes in, making a joke about how I just leaped in without regard for my well being.

The smirk on the battered elf is a sign of needed trust. As I offer my hand to help him up, that trust is solidified as he gives us his name.


My questioning look to both the paladin and sorcerer is met with the same curious expression. Balasar does not hesitate to reveal that we have heard of this elf, finishing his first name by giving is last, Ildon. He even goes so far to tell Vax that we know he is part of the Shadow Guard.

All the surprised elf can do is stare at him in disbelief.