Midnighter Comic Book Respect Thread

Character Profile

Name – Trent Lucas(formerly)

Fictional Universe – Wildstorm

Species – Human

Sex – Male

Planet – Earth

Height – 6’5

Weapons – Retracable staff, kamas

Key Source


  • Stormwatch Vol 2 – SW

Wildstorm/DC Comics

  • The Authority Vol 1 – AV1
  • Midnighter Vol 1 – M1
  • Grifter and Midnighter – GM

DC Comics New 52/Rebirth

  • Midnighter Vol 2 – M2
  • Midnighter and Apollo – MA
  • Grayson – GRAY




Physical feats


  • Cannot lift a flying car while being pinned under it in M1-3. This could be due to the impact crushing his bones and muscles but sometimes Midnighter is shown to be extremely durable.



Combat Reflexes




    Survives a bomb set up by the Suicide Squad in M2-9.

Slashing and Impaling

Energy Attacks



Regeneration Capablities


  • Eventually recovers from a massive explosion in AV1-22. How long we do not know but he returns in the series.
  • Survives the Six Killing Sounds in M2-2. It takes him out of the fight and seems to take a minute or two to regenerate.

Enhancements and Implants


Combat/Fight Computer

Two Hearts

Enhanced Senses



  • Having his second heart removed makes him cautious and not so reckless in M1-2. This could be that Midnighter knows he can easily die without it.


Retractable and highly durable staff

Explosive Darts



Skills and Knowledge


Midnighter vs Liberty One

Midnighter vs Assassin B

Midnighter vs Suicide Squad

Midnighter vs Grayson


  • Darth Maul Comic Book Respect Thread

    Character Profile

    Fictional Universe – Star Wars

    Species – Zabrak

    Sex – Male

    Planet – Dathomir

    Height – 5’7 (6’3 with cybernetic legs)

    Weapons – double bladed lightsaber or darksaber

    Gear – two cybernetic legs, Scimitar(starfighter), Bloodfin(speeder bike) inside starfighter, three DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids inside starfighter

    Biography on Wookiepedia

    Key Source

    Everything from Dark Horse is considered Legends canon for the Star Wars Universe. The only exception for Marvel canon is Son of Dathomir.

    Key Sources for Dark Horse Comics

    • Darth Maul 2000 series – DM2K
    • Star Wars Tales – SWT
    • The Phantom Menace – TPM
    • TPM: Obi-Wan Kenobi – PMK
    • The Sith Hunters – TSH
    • Death Sentence – DS
    • Son of Dathomir – SoD

    Key Source for Marvel Comics

    • Darth Maul 2017 series- M17
    • Age of Republic – AoR

    To expand these feats you can read the Darth Maul novels or watch The Clone Wars series.



    • Flying kicks a battle droid hard enough to throw it off balance in DM2K.



    • Maul kicks a wookie in the face. One cybernetic leg is strong enough to crush its body into the wall in DS.
    • In a most impressive feat of strength, a rathtar hangs from in a tree as it is caught in a tug of war over Maul’s halberd in M17. The Sith Lord is able pull so hard enough that he breaks the tree in half, killing the creature as it falls on top of it. Rathtars weigh an average of 1433lbs/650kg. To add to this feat the creature is pulling itself up the tree which makes it harder to pull against its bulk.

    Lightsaber Lock Ups


    Melee Combat Speed


    • Dodges multiple blaster fire at a close range to get close to a battle droid and dismantles its weapons in DM2K.
    • Dodges and deflects blaster fire from multiple droids in DM2K.

    Running Speed


    • Flips backwards to avoid an explosion of a Mandalorian wrist rocket in SoD.


    • Maul is not phased by being sliced by a vibroknife in DM2K and continues to drown his target. Vibroknives have vibrating blades that inflict more damage than a standard knife.

    Using The Force


    Mind Manipulation

    Force Push

    • Using the Force Push together, Maul and Savage launches dozens of guards off a bridge while pushing Jedi Masters Judd and Salmara backwards in DS.
    • Force Pushes the front line of droids in the battle of Zandar in SoD.
    • Using Force Push, Maul takes out the battle droids protecting Grievous in DoS.

    Force Choke

    • Force Chokes Kenobi while lifting him into the air in TSH.
    • While using the Force Choke on a Falleen negotiator, Maul lifts him high in the air and breaks his neck in DS.

    Force Crush

    Force Telekinesis

    Object Manipulation

    • Overloads a Force dampening field after Force pushing Silus in SWT24.

    Mental Resistance

    Sith Training

    • Sidious take Maul to Malachor to breath in the ashes of the fallen Sith in M17.
    • Sidious returns Maul to Malachor for another lesson, allowing him to look deep within himself in AoR.
    • Maul battles three rathtars without using a lightsaber or the Force in M17. He claims they are some of the most dangerous creature in the galaxy.

    Hand to Hand Combat


    • Maul vs Siolo Ur Manka, an ancient Jedi Master. The fight lead to the creation of the infamous double bladed lightsaber from SWT10.
    • Maul vs Silus, a Force sensitive pit fighter. Sidious used this fight to test his apprentice’s obedience in SWT24.

    Assault on the Black Sun from DM2K.

    • Resurrected by the Prophets of the Dark Side, Maul challenges Vader for the apprenticeship of Darth Sidious in SWT9.


    • Flashback of Maul’s survival after The Phantom Menace from TSH. After his defeat Darth Maul’s rage was so strong for Kenobi that he willed his self to survive. Using the Force, the Zabrak created cybernetic legs for himself to aid him. A decade had passed before Maul was found by his brother, Savage Opress, and returned him to Mother Talzin to fix his broke mind.
    • Master Salmara claims Darth Maul’s hatred is so strong it kept him alive in DS.

    Bloodshot Comic Book Respect Thread

    Character Profile

    Name – Raymond Garrison

    Fictional Universe – Valiant Entertainment

    Species – Human

    Sex – Male

    Planet – Earth

    Height – 6’3

    Weapons – various firearms and explosives, swords, combat knife

    Enhancements – nanites in his bloodstream that allow various abilities

    Important character details

    Key Source

    Key Source from Valiant Entertainment

    • Bloodshot – BS
    • Harbinger Wars – HW
    • Archer and Armstrong – A&A
    • The Valiant – VA
    • Bloodshot: Reborn – RE
    • Bloodshot: USA – USA
    • Harbinger Wars 2 – H2
    • Bloodshot: Salvation – SAL


    • Bloodshot #14-22 is titled Bloodshot and the HARD Corps.
    • In Bloodshot: Reborn #1-9 he is regaining the nantites Kay removed and is not a full strength. Bloodshot might have had a small portion of them in the beginning and did not want to believe it. #10-13 takes place 30 years into the future.
    • During Harbinger Wars 2 Liveware is in full control of Bloodshot. The feats shown are some he may not be capable of on his own or he does not know the full extent of the nanites capabilities.


    Besides giving Bloodshot incredible healing properties, the nanites gives him a wide arrange of abilities.

    Medical Applications



    • ColdMan uses thermal vision to locate a hidden entrance in SAL12. All of the older Bloodshot projects were updated to the modern version. Therefore, Ray has this as well.




    Physical Feats

    Without/Limited Nanties

    • *Holds off a killer who has a portion of his nanties he lost from RE2.


    Combat Speed

    Combat Reflexes






    Extreme Temperatures

    • Being on fire doesn’t slow him down in VA4.

    Broken Bones

    Without Nantites

    Physical Alteration

    Harada Protocol Attacks

    Synapses Disruption

    Infectious Vomit





    Brain Damage

    Massive Damage To His Heart




      vs(not really) Gamma in BS9
      vs the Renegades. Here’s the fight from HW3 and 4 and from BS13. Its the same battle.

    Bloodshots vs Deathmate